Tips: Sharing Data

The Punch!CAD products provide a variety of formats to share data with other CAD/CAM/CAE or rendering applications.

Formats range from precision surfaces and solids using DWG, SAT, STEP, IGES, Inventor™, CATIA™ v4, and CATIA™ v5 to facet based formats such as OBJ and STL.

Native CAD Formats


Read and write AutoCAD files up to 2012. Includes precision surface/solids as well as annotation data.

CATIA v4 & v5

Shark FX PC reads and writes parts and models from CATIA using the native libraries licensed from Dassault.


Reads Inventor 2010 parts and assemblies. Check out the video above demonstrating working with an Inventor file with Shark FX PC.


Reads WildFire files into Shark FX PC.

Facet Based Formats


Punch!CAD products support reading and writing of STL ASCII and Binary files. STL is the industry standard format for rapid protoyping.


OBJ is a geometry definition first developed by Wavefront Technologies. It is a popular format to share data with rendering and animation applications as it preserves accurate normals extracted from the underlying NURB surfaces.

Sharing Data

Tip: Exporting Solids to OBJ

When you export a solid to OBJ, it uses the current facet display resolution. You can customize the facet resolution with the steps below. Customize allows you to control surface and normal deviations, aspect ratio, and edge lengths.

Select the object whose resolution you want to customize

Go to Edit on the Menu bar and select the Change Object Type command

Select the change type to be Mesh

In the Mesh Parameters dialog box adjust the parameters

When finished, hit CANCEL. Do not hit OK. Hitting Cancel will abort the conversion of object type, but it will leave the object display resolution at the mesh parameter settings.

Export your part to OBJ