Woodwork your way to any design – with a CAD program that handles all of the details.

PunchCAD offers 2D/3D CAD software that makes any woodworking project easier to execute and visualize. Whether you’re creating something simple and rustic, or building large-scale furniture and cabinets, you can easily design and preview your project with PunchCAD’s line of intuitive CAD software. We’ll take care of measuring twice – so you’ll only need to cut once.

Start with a simple 2D sketch of your idea to make sure every angle is perfect. Our drawing tools let you copy and redo as much as you need. If detail is what you’re looking for, easily toggle into a 3D model and choose from thousands of options to add the perfect touches. Once your object is complete, render it in a 3D room plan to see it realistically.


Your woodworking project could be hand-carved art, furniture, cabinets, or even a full structure like a cottage or shed. Whatever your design, when you choose PunchCAD software, your mind is the only limit.


Precise drawings

The LogiCursor suggests your next move as you draw, and our easy-to-master measurement and annotation tools ensure precision in your drafting. Easily look at multiple views, different scales, angles, and perspectives of your design.

The right angle

Our woodworking tools in ViaCAD Pro allow you to create various joints, such as rabbet, miter, and dovetail, as well as pocket holes, dado joints, and tongue and groove.

Toggle dimensions and data

Our software lets you toggle between 2D sketches and 3D models easily. Need inspiration or want to share your design? Import a starting point and modify it, or export your final design.

Plays well with others

Our programs easily share data with other software, including SketchUp, Illustrator, and more.

The clearest, most realistic vision - fast

The Rapid Render tool in ViaCAD Pro creates speedy raster images based on your 3D object – so you can visualize exactly how lighting and shadows make your project look. And with a 3D texture library of over 1400 materials, easily drag and drop textures onto your 3D surfaces.


Which Version is Right for You?

Punch ViaCAD 2D

Entry level price, professional level performance

Punch ViaCAD 2D3D

Embrace the power of 3D walls and floor plans

Punch ViaCAD Pro

Everything you need plus advanced 3D modeling & rendering

Punch Shark

Precise 2D drafting with the power of Shark 3D modeling

Punch Shark Pro

Ultimate performance; Includes uncompromised set of 2D/3D design tools

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