Punch! ViaCAD 2D/3D v9Your Affordable Design Solution!

This software provides a seamless marriage of 2D and 3D design to help you take your sketched ideas to 3D realism.

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PowerPack LT 3D
No more worries about 3D printing. Find common mistakes with your model before printing. Save time and materials with an overall 3D print check.

PowerPack 3D
A suite of 3D Printing, verification and repair tools, plus new modeling tools that will make your designs 3D Printer or 3D Printer service ready.

Product Information

The power of 3D for everyone;
regardless of your design experience.

This software provides a seamless marriage of 2D and 3D to help you take your sketched ideas to 3D realism. Powerful but easy-to-use 3D design and drafting tools will help you create like a seasoned designer, and compatibility with other systems will let you share your designs.


Solid modeling made easy!

Creating 3D models is easy with ViaCAD™, regardless of the design's complexity. The LogiCursor™ will guide your cursor to help you create drafting documents or even align points in 3D. Editing is as easy as drag and drop with the Gripper™.


Built with professional level technology providing speed, precision, and compatibility.

There is a unique tie between 2D and 3D; which means you can edit 2D profiles used to create 3D objects and the 3D shape will automatically update.

New Features in Version 9

Meshing Tools

Use the complete set of mesh design tools to create organic shapes easily.

Customizable Grids

Display the workplane grid as a polar or ISO grid. You can also change the grid orientation by an angle.

64 Bit Computing (Mac version only)

Supports faster rendering and larger projects.

Simple tools bring out your best design potential

LogiCursor™ anticipates your moves and shows a suggested action as you draw.

This toggleable, customizable technology automatically identifies and snaps to centers, endpoints, midpoints, tangents, and many more. Location labels appear in real-time, with precision alignment.

2D to 3D

See for yourself! You can easily create a 3D object in 58 seconds.

Watch the sample video and see how easy it is to create an object and instantly transform it from 2D to 3D.

Take your design to any level of detail.

Draw from scratch or import a bitmap image, then trace or sketch to create a 2D outline of your idea. Simple tools let you lathe your 2D outline into 3D with two mouse clicks. Use feature-based modeling to refine your design and add color or lighting. You can even create 3D rapid prototypes so you can "3D print" your design!

Take your design to any level of detail

2D/3D Detail & Expert

Texture Library of 1400+ Materials

Realistic drag & drop textures including wood, paint, fabrics, brick, stone, and more. Use filters to drop textures onto faces, bodies, or similar materials.

Autogenerate 2D Automatically

Generate side, front, top, and isometric views from 3D models. Create section, auxiliary, and detail views.

Presentation Options

You can present your ideas in many ways: 2D views, isometric, multiple viewports, section cuts, 3D view, or even create 3D models of your design.

History Based Modeling

Use Concept Explorer to examine design history. Change parameters and watch the part update.

Twisting & Bending

Twist or bend parts and still maintain precision NURBS data.

Shell / Hollow Part

Creates a thin-walled object automatically.

Create Parts Detail & Plan Sheets

Use multiple views to create plan details, dimensions, isometrics, and other data.

Complex Blending

Create constant and variable radius blends on complex models.

Convert 2D Profiles into 3D

Quickly lathe, extrude, sweep, and skin 2D profiles into 3D shapes.

NURB Surfaces

Create complex shapes from curves using net, skin, cover, extrude, sweep, and resolve surface construction methods.

Stich into Solid

Combine your surfaces into a watertight solid suitable for feature modeling operations or mass properties analysis.

Explore Design Variations

Use the Inspector on the design history and key object properties.


Design Power

to satisfy both novices and experts alike.

Tool Name & Prompt

Tool Hints & Help

XYZ Coordinates


Custom Toolbar

Easily drag & drop tools specific to your needs into your own personal toolbar.

Concept Explorer

Manage history features, organize layers, or insert symbols into your design. Change parameters using the Inspector to rapidly iterate new design configurations.

Multiple Viewports & Draw Views

•  Viewports provide a graphical user interface to display the same drawing in multiple views. Each view may have a different orientation, which provides the ability to see an object simultaneously displayed in an isometric, side, front, and top view. All views are live, and edits made in one view are updated throughout all views.

•  Draw Views allow you to create presentations, sheets, or details combining different views of your design. Draw views can combine 2D or 3D aspects of your design.

Symbol Library

No Subscription Needed Integrated, drag & drop symbols including doors, windows, mechanical, electrical, fasteners, CMOS, HVAC, LAN, and more.

Push/Pull Modeling

With Push/Pull Modeling you can dynamically use your mouse and cursor to drag 2D into 3D. As you move the cursor over the enclosed areas in 2D or on 3D faces, the highlighted areas are simply pushed out to create or change 3D shapes. This new feature removes the technical aspects of 3D modeling and makes it easy for new CAD users to explore 3D design.

Simple, single-click 2D/3D Toggle

Click on the button and view in 2D or 3D instantly

Custom Translucency

Use for transparent surfaces or add to multiple surfaces in perspective views.

Import Objects

Add objects from Google® SketchUp® (PC only), Punch! Home Design™, Adobe® Illustrator® or other popular CAD resources.

New File Wizard

Accelerate your initial drawing setup. Quickly set your preferred units, page scale, size, orientation, and default annotation sizes.

Tutorial Videos

Over 80 minutes of training! Learn CAD basics and get the most from ViaCAD™ with our library of informative videos you can refer to at any time.

3D Full-Featured Toolset

Multiple Viewports

Design within multiple views. All views are live and edits made in one view are automatically updated throughout all views.

Draw View

Create a visual analysis of your design. Use to present multiple views, different scales, angles, and perspectives of your design.

Enhanced Gripper™ Tool

The Gripper™ Tool places a graphical interface on top of a 2D or 3D object for easy translation, scaling, and rotation. Click and drag simple handles to get on-the-fly changes with size and orientation of your object. Expanded Gripper functions now include duplicate, translate, rotate, scale, and face copy for added versatility.


Add & Remove Tool

Use Boolean tools to add, subtract, and intersect parts, generating and intersect parts, generating complex parts from simple ones.

Split 3D Part

Provide further clarity to your part designs by splitting or trimming away portions that hide key design features. Split your part with complex shapes such as cutting planes, NURBS, or other parts.


Analysis Tools

Calculate precise volumes, weights, interferences, centers of gravity, moments of inertia, and other critical data associated with parts.

Local Face Editing

Provides tools to modify parts independent of previous construction history. Great for working with parts designed from other CAD systems such as AutoCAD®, Pro/E™, or SolidWorks®.

Feature Operations

Intelligent features allow you to edit parts using blending, chamfering, holes, bosses, shelling, and bending tools.

Associative Surface Modeling

Create surfaces associative to defining curves. Stitch into solids to perform feature operations.

2D Easy & Precise

Industry-Standard Cross-hatching & Solid Fills


26 Styles for Dimensioning

Easy-to-Use Versatile Toolbox

Even those new to CAD will find tools logically organized; experts will appreciate tool versatility. Expandable, powerful tool subsets offer additional options.

Import, Trim & Transform Tools Make Drawing Easier and Faster.

Object Transforms

Transform objects using polar or linear arrays. Or use versatile tools to translate, scale, rotate, and mirror objects.

Automatic 3D Converter

ViaCAD™ will automatically convert imported 3D models into 2D drawing views. Once imported, you can quickly create detail, section, and auxiliary views - all while working in 2D.


Add key measurements and callouts to your drawing. ViaCAD™ supports mechanical and architectural standards.

Region Trims

Rapidly trim multiple curves with a single mouse click. Click inside or outside to control which curves are kept or removed.

Planar Area Properties

Professional feature for mechanical or architectural engineers needing precise 2D section properties.

2D/3D Architectural

3D Walls

Take your 2D floor plan to 3D with a mouse click! Doors and windows can be placed, moved, and resized while also viewing in 3D. View your drawing as elevation, isometric, roof plan, or better visualize your ideas by applying drag & drop custom building materials.

Architectural Detailing

Let ViaCAD™ automatically add dimensions to your walls. Or selectively add key measurements to doors and windows using callouts and labels. Quickly identify room regions using single click filling and hatching.

Multiple Viewports

Create custom walls using different component thickness, color, and fill patterns. Quickly identify different wall types such as exterior and interior.

Doors & Windows

Walls automatically heal when positioned next to other walls. Quickly explore new wall configurations by dragging or precisely changing parameters that control length, angle, and thickness.

Intelligent Walls

Add intelligent wall features such as doors and windows with just a few mouse clicks. Or design a custom feature using the Insert Group into Wall tool.

File Compatibility

3D Studio
Google® SketchUp™
Adobe® EPS™
Adobe® Illustrator®
Grid Surface
Rhino 3DM
TrueSpace COB
WaveFront™ OBJ
TurboCAD® MAC®

Feature Leading!

Cross-platform-Mac® & PC

2D & 3D LogiCursor™

Easy Edits by Handles

80+ Minutes of Video Tutorials

2D and General Tools




Customizable User Interface

Dimension Types


Precision measurements


Layer Manager & Filters

Shortcut Keys


Points, Lines, Circles, Ellipses

Text and Box Text

Text Along Curve

3 Spline Types

Add/Remove Spline Points

Rounded and Slot Polygons

2D Section Properties

Region Trims


Associative 3D to 2D Drawings

Section, Detail, Auxiliary Views

Extend Curve (tangent, quadric, cubic)



3D Interactive Position, Rotate, & Scale

Visualization Tools


Hidden Line Rendering

Gouraud & Phong Rendering

Gradient Backgrounds

Image Backgrounds

Distant, Point, & Spot Lights

Multiple Display Viewports

Object Transparency

Clipping Planes

Drag and Drop Texture Library


Architectural Tools


Self Healing Walls

Intelligent Doors and Windows

Roof Tool

Make 3D (Walls, Doors, and Windows)

Automatic Wall Dimensions

Architectural Drawing Page Wizard

Architectural Dimension Standards

Custom Wall Styles & Components

NURB Surface Modeling


Net, Skin, and Cover Surface

One/Two Rail Sweep Surface

Revolve about Axis or Curve

Tube Surface

Intersect, Project, & Imprint

History/Associative Surfacing

Planar Surfaces with cutouts

Solid Modeling


Solid Primitives

Extrude, Lathe, Sweep

3D Mass Properties

Stretch, Bend, & Twist Bodies

Thicken Any Surface to Solid

Surface Stitching to Solids

History Based, Parametric S olids

Feature Tree

Constant/Variable Radius Blending

Constant/Variable Length Chamfers

6 Direct Face Editing Tools

Lofting, Shelling

Boss & Hole Features

Protrude and Cutout Features

Assembly Mate, Align, & Insert

Extend Bend

STEP, IGES, STL Import/Export

PowerPack LT 3D

Print out your projects in 3D with this add-on module for ViaCAD and Shark. The 3D printing capabilities in PowerPack LT will strengthen your work and enhance your productivity. Whether you are a ViaCAD or a Shark user, PowerPack LT has everything you need to do standard 3D printing. General utilities allow you to manage CAD data and validate the parts required for 3D output. Example tools include an overall 3D print check, slice preview, overhang and wall thickness analysis, and surface normals check. See for yourself the difference Punch PowerPack LT can make in every design every time.

General Utilities

A collection of tools for manipulating entity attributes.

  • Assorted Colors: The Assorted Colors tool assigns up to 20 colors per group of entities selected. The tool is useful for visually identifying file import and other individual parts.
  • AutoLayer: AutoLayer is a tool that will automatically assign an entity to a layer based on the same shape or by entity name. Use AutoLayer to help organize files imported from other applications that do not support layering.
  • Preview Layers: The Preview Layers utility provides a user interface to rapidly step through layers. The play button will animate through the layer start and end region. The step forward and backward buttons manually provide control through the layers.
  • Change File Units: There are many file formats that do not contain unit settings that include STL, OBJ, PLY, 3DS and older DXF files. The Change File Units command allows you to quickly change a file scale based on Units or Scale Factor.
  • Show Only By Name: The Show Only by Name tool displays just the entity with the provided name. This tool changes the Show/Hide flags of the entity.
  • Rename: The Rename tool provides a way to rename large number of entities. This tool is especially useful for renaming entities imported from external applications. For example, Inventor attaches the full assembly representation to the part name.
  • Spell Check: The Spell Check examines all visible text for possible misspellings and provides suggestions.
  • Isolate Layer: The Isolate Layer command sets the display layers to objects you select.

PowerPack 3D

Improve your productivity and designs with the new Punch PowerPack. This add-on module further extends the standard functionality of ViaCAD and Shark with over 100 tools for 3D printing, verification and repair of a variety of data, plus new tools for creating data. PowerPack enhances your ability to reuse data from a variety of sources such as SketchUp, AutoCAD™, OBJ, or STL alongside precise modeling tools. Now you can create, verify and repair data for 3D printing all within one seamless application. See for yourself the difference Punch PowerPack makes in every design every time. Whether you are a ViaCAD or Shark users, these tools are a must!

Includes all features of PowerPack LT 3D plus:

3D Printing Tools

Check, repair and validate models for 3D printing

  • 3D Print Check: This tool checks a part for print viability, displaying warnings or errors to the user.
  • Surface Normals Check: Facet normals define the inside and outside areas of a part. If facet normals are pointing the wrong way, the 3D printer may have problems creating the part. If you have a normals issue, there are several commands that can help you fix this problem.
  • Overhang Analysis: The Overhang Analysis tool provides a means to visually inspect modeling areas that may require structural support for 3D printing. Meshes, surfaces and solids facets normals are compared to the work plane direction. Angles that are less or equal to 45 degrees are highlighted as red.
  • Wall Thickness: The Wall Thickness Analysis tool provides a means to visually inspect modeling areas that may be too thin for 3D printing. Meshes, surfaces, and solids facets are examined using ray intersections.
  • PreviewSlices: The Preview Slices tool provides a user interface to slice models given a direction and thickness. The dialog box allows for animation through the slices and single stepping. One use of the Preview Slice tool is to verify a part has closed, non-overlapping sections, a requirement for 3D printing. The Save Slices option provides several options to save slices to DXF, STL or add the results directly into your drawing.
  • Auto Position: The Auto Position tool translates the model to the positive x, y coordinate system at z = 0.
  • Support Structure: Manually adds geometry to support material as it is created by the 3D printer. Support structures controls, include Attach Radius, Midpoint Radius, Base Radius, Base Thickness and Drag base and mid points to modify structure location.
  • Show Printer Volume: Toggles the boundary of the default 3D Printer. The volume is defined within the Printer Definitions dialog box.
  • Printer Definitions: Sets key parameters of the 3D printer, including length, width and height of the volume accessible by the printer. The parameters in the Printer Definitions dialog box are used for commands such as 3D Print Check and Auto Position.
System Requirements:
Windows®: Recommended Requirements: Windows® XP or higher¹, 64 Bit Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon™ class processor, 4 GB of hard disk space, 4 GB of RAM, An OpenGL/DirectX9 compliant video card with 256MB of dedicated RAM, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive. Internet connection required². Macintosh®: Recommended Requirements: Macintosh® OS 10.8-10.10¹, x64 Intel® Mac®, 4 GB of hard disk space, 4 GB RAM or greater, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive. Internet connection required². ¹ Program compatibility is not guaranteed for later operating systems. ²User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.