Punch! PowerPack LT 3D Printing SoftwarePrint perfect in 3D with PowerPack LT.

No more worries about 3D printing. Find common mistakes with your model before printing. Save time and materials with an overall 3D print check.

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Product Information
PowerPack LT

Compatible with ViaCAD 2D/3D v9, ViaCAD Pro v9, Shark LT v9, and Shark FX v9.

New! Print perfect in 3D with PowerPack LT. Now it's easier than ever to showcase your designs for everyone to see. Take your projects to the next level and perfect the details with 3D printing.

3D Printing for PunchCAD

PowerPack is an add-on module for ViaCAD and Shark that extends standard functionality with tools for 3D printing. General utilities allow you to manage CAD data and validate parts required for 3D printing. Example tools include an overall 3D print check, slice preview, overhang and wall thickness analysis, and surface normals check.

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3D Printing Tools

Whether you are a ViaCAD or a Shark user, PowerPack LT has everything you need for standard 3D printing. This collection of tools for ViaCAD and Shark checks and prepares your CAD projects for the process. Take a look at PowerPack LT printing tools:

Mesh Information
  • 3D Print Check: Inspects a part for its print viability, displaying warnings or errors to the user.
Fixed Flipped Normals
  • Surface Normals Check: Facet normals define the inside and outside areas of a part. If facet normals are pointing the wrong way, the 3D printer will not create the part correctly.
Gnome Model
  • Overhang Analysis: Visually inspects modeling for areas that may require structural support for 3D printing.
  • Show Printer Volume: Toggles the boundary of the default 3D Printer. The volume is defined within the Printer Definitions dialog box.
  • Printer Definitions: Sets key parameters of the 3D printer, including length, width and height of the volume accessible. The parameters in the Printer Definitions dialog box are used for 3D Print Check, Auto Position and other commands.
Convex Model
  • Wall Thickness: Visually inspect modeling for areas that may be too thin for 3D printing.
Save Slices
  • Preview Slices: This user interface slices models to a given direction and thickness. The dialog box allows for animation through the slices and single stepping. Also, verify a part has closed, non-overlapping sections, a requirement for 3D printing. The Save Slices option provides several options to save slices to DXF, STL or add the results directly into your design.
Sprite Sheet
  • Auto Position: The Auto Position tool translates the model to the positive x, y coordinate system at z = 0.
Sunglasses Model
  • Support Structure: Manually adds geometry to support material as it is created by the 3D printer. Support structures controls include Attach Radius, Midpoint Radius, Base Radius, Base Thickness and Drag base and mid points to modify structure location.
General Utilities

A collection of tools for manipulating entity attributes.

  • Assorted Colors: The Assorted Colors tool assigns up to 20 colors per group of entities selected. The tool is useful for visually identifying file import and other individual parts.
  • AutoLayer: AutoLayer is a tool that will automatically assign an entity to a layer based on the same shape or by entity name. Use AutoLayer to help organize files imported from other applications that do not support layering.
  • Preview Layers: The Preview Layers utility provides a user interface to rapidly step through layers. The play button will animate through the layer start and end region. The step forward and backward buttons manually provide control through the layers.
  • Change File Units: There are many file formats that do not contain unit settings that include STL, OBJ, PLY, 3DS and older DXF files. The Change File Units command allows you to quickly change a file scale based on Units or Scale Factor.
  • Show Only By Name: The Show Only by Name tool displays just the entity with the provided name. This tool changes the Show/Hide flags of the entity.
  • Rename: The Rename tool provides a way to rename large number of entities. This tool is especially useful for renaming entities imported from external applications. For example, Inventor attaches the full assembly representation to the part name.
  • Spell Check: The Spell Check examines all visible text for possible misspellings and provides suggestions.
  • Isolate Layer: The Isolate Layer command sets the display layers to objects you select.
System Requirements:
Requires ViaCAD v9 or Shark v9 Windows® - Recommended Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 64-Bit versions of XP (Pro) SP3, Windows Vista® SP2, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 ¹, , Windows® 10 ¹, Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® Athlon64™ class 64-bit processor, 3GB free hard drive space, 4GB RAM, OpenGL /DirectX9 compliant video card with 256MB of dedicated RAM, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive. Macintosh® - Recommended Requirements: Macintosh® OS 10.7 or higher¹, x64 Intel® Mac®, 4GB free hard drive space, 1GB RAM or greater, 256MB VRAM, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive. ¹Shark FX v9 PC & MAC requires a machine with an operating system using x64 (64-Bit) architecture.