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Success Story: Aira Chest of Drawers

Designed and Built by Peter Hall & Son

When tough design challenges come our way, we turn to Shark technology. One of our recent custom furniture successes was due in part to Shark’s precision and planning features.

Aira is not your typical chest of drawers. The design reflects the fluidity of Aira Force and other scenic waterfalls in the Lake District.

The form has a multi-faceted 3-dimensional quality that makes Aira both functional and sculptural. We went from a basic hand sketch to CAD for a 3D model of the design. Shark FX v8 enabled us to get the proportions correct and see a full form design.

Shark’s ability to create and annotate a 2D sheet view is invaluable. Our craftsmen work from these blueprints. We print out full-size templates to make every detail clear. This ensures more accurate production and faster turn-around time.

Shark has the intuitive response we need to create the precise specifications required for our fine furniture. From start to finish Shark FX v8 is an integral part of the design and production of our bespoke furniture.

We were early adopters of Shark 3D. From the beginning, even before Shark was called Shark, we used the advanced design and drafting capabilities in this software to render clear-cut precise specifications for our discerning clients. For more information, please visit http://www.peter-hall.co.uk/.

Aira Chest of Drawers - Designed using SharkFX

Aira Chest of Drawers - Designed using SharkFX

Featured Story: Music Stand

Two classic musicians wanted their own top-quality, custom-made music stand. They needed an adjustable music stand that could accommodate both musicians as one stood to sing and the other sat to play the cello. Responsive SharkFX technology permitted the level of detail required to do the project, especially the intricately spliced intersections of the legs. “The joint where the front legs meet the main upright was created by drawing the leg shape oversize and then removing the intersecting sections, which is precisely how this would be made by hand with wood,” says Will, lead builder at Peter Hall & Son.

Shark was used to design the piece in a very similar process as we would make it. This is the very much the case with almost all designs using Shark, which makes it a very logical and instinctive design process (unlike some other packages.)

We are proud that our music stand goes beyond function to artistic form. The back of the music stand curves like an elegant treble clef and supports a crossing book rest that moves up and down with a peg. Pure music for the eyes!

A custom Music Stand created using SharkFX

A custom Music Stand created using SharkFX

Featured Story: "Breeze" - AKA Savannah Rocker III

Jolyon Yates uses Shark FX to design some stunning chairs

Acclaimed designer Jolyon Yates from England gets credit for designing the current tool icons in the Punch!CAD products but he's also an avid PunchCAD user.

"In 2005, as part of a product revamp, Tim commissioned me to help him revamp the User Interface. Much time was spent designing new tool icons and rejigging the way the program and it's tools were presented to the user. As a result of all that hard work and much since on the part of Tim and his team, I don't think there is a more approachable CAD system out there."

He's also an avid PunchCAD user. Jolyon uses Shark FX to design some stunning chairs.

"As I reflect on the 20 or so years of my experience with CAD in design, CAD is becoming more mature. I finally feel placated in my decision to invest my time in learning CAD. Shark and ViaCAD www.punchcad.com are products of Encore Software, in which I have no stake - other than making the odd tool icon and reporting the odd bug. I've used Shark and it's predecessor applications in all aspects of my design work since 2000. So, if you're starting out with CAD now ... lucky you - There's never been a better time! Spare a thought though please for all the designer guinea pigs who have helped get us to this point. Many thanks to Tim Olson for the incredible journey he's made in getting us to this point and for the terrific Shark and VIACAD users for supporting it's development along the way."

Jolyon Yates uses Shark FX to design some stunning chairs

"Breeze" - AKA Savannah Rocker III
Jolyon Yates uses Shark FX to design some stunning chairs