Become a CAD expert And Learn From PunchCAD Design Tips!

Become a CAD expert And Learn From PunchCAD Design Tips!

PunchCAD Design Tips and Tricks - Weight BOM tool

Whether you’re designing an aircraft, automobile, or picnic table, weight is a key control parameter in design. V12 introduces a new Bill of Material(BOM) attribute specific for creating a summed weight table. Creating a weight table is based on the designer assigning a material using the Verify: Properties dialog box followed up by applying a weight attribute. With just these two steps, designers can create an accurate Weight table used to explore the impacts of material types on design weights.


Precisely calculates the volume of any NURB or analytic based part.


Apply a material from a large selection of predefined materials for woods, plastics, and metals. Or add your new material to the list. It provides a total weight value for the objects in the table.

Associative Parts and Tables:

Changing a part size(volume) or applying a different material will automatically update the table for quick design exploration that impact weight calculations.