ENCORE SOFTWARE Announces SharkCAD® & ViaCAD® v12

ENCORE SOFTWARE Announces SharkCAD® & ViaCAD® v12
NOVATO, Calif., April 14, 2020 – Encore® Software, a leading software developer of CAD, Home Design and Print Productivity titles for over 25 years, today announced the release of new versions for all of its consumer and professional CAD titles. These products are available now through the PunchCAD.com and Encore.com websites, with additional Mac versions soon available on the Mac App Store.

“The Version 12 release is the biggest CAD release we’ve done in over a decade, with significant enhancements to all of our ViaCAD and SharkCAD titles. For the SharkCAD products, we’ve also integrated our PowerPack utility, a powerful collection of over 70 tools for 3D printing and modeling,” said Tim Olson, Vice President of Product Development. “In addition, we’ve updated the ACIS® solid modeling kernel and implemented a new licensing scheme which allows us to now offer annual subscription versions in our professional titles,” added Olson.

New and improved features in the new V12 products include:


Repeat Last Command - Quickly recall your last commands from a handy menu.
Save Layers with Views – Layer sets can now be saved with Views and restored at a later time to more easily iterate on your overall design layout.
Weight and Volume Tables – Quickly analyze the parameters of your Solid Models


Best Fit Line and Circle – A great tool for sketching over an image. This new tool will best fit a line or circle from a sample collection of points.
Drafting Normals – Create construction lines normal from curve, to another curve or from a surface.
Select Similar – Efficiently edit your designs by selecting similar objects based on shape, color, types, and layers.


Grouped Centerlines & Paths: Use multiple curves as part of paths or guides for skin surfaces
Mesh Booleans – Four Boolean operations - union, subtract, unite, split, allow a designer to work with facet based files such as STL, OBJ, 3DS, or SKP (SketchUp). Extremely useful for editing files you are preparing to send to a 3D printer!
Mesh Splitting – Split a 3D mesh into two bodies using a cutting plane. A great feature for both creating more complex models and examining your designs.
Show/Hide Face – Hide a face within a part, thereby providing visibility and selections into the internal representations of complex models.
Wrapping - Imprint, engrave, or emboss text or a planar surface onto a solid.


New Photorender Spotlight - Creates a soft shadow directly under a group of rendered objects. Perfect for enhancing interior design renders.


Updated DWG/DXF Support – Improved support through the AutoCAD® 2019 release.
New Import Filters - 2D PDF and Collada (.DAE).
Updated SketchUp Support - Now updated to support SKP 2019 files.
And much, much more…


The entire SharkCAD and ViaCAD v12 lines for both the PC and Mac are available now from both www.PunchCAD.com and www.Encore.com
• SharkCAD Pro v12 - $2499.99 USD Permanent License, $999.99 Annual Subscription
• SharkCAD v12 - $999.99 USD Permanent License, $399.99 Annual Subscription
• ViaCAD Pro v12 - $699.99 USD Permanent License, $279.99 Annual Subscription
• ViaCAD 2D/3D v12 - $199.99 USD Permanent License
• ViaCAD 2D v12 - $69.99 USD Permanent License
New features vary by product. For more information, please visit www.PunchCAD.com or call Encore at 1.800.334.0457.


Encore Software is the award-winning PC and Mac software developer of globally known brands such as The Print Shop®, PrintMaster®, Calendar Creator and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing from its Broderbund line; Punch!® Home Design software; its popular ViaCAD consumer CAD line; and its SharkCAD professional, mechanical CAD line.

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