Product Line Comparison
SharkCAD, ViaCAD Comparison SharkCAD Pro v14 SharkCAD v14 ViaCAD Pro v14 ViaCAD 2D/3D v14 ViaCAD 2D v14
Permanent License Retail Price 1499.99 999.99 499.99 199.99 69.99
Annual Subscription  Price 499.99 399.99 279.99 N/A N/A
64-bit Compatible
Multi Threaded Support
2D Drafting & Annotations
26 Dimension Types
250+ Drafting Tools
2D Dimensional and Geometric Constraints
Angular Tolerance (Improved)
Best Fit Line and Circle (New)
Bill of Materials
CutList BOMs
Conic Tools
Duplicate Layer Command
Precise Model to Sheet  - for automatic 2D Drawing Generation
Save Layers with Views  (New)
Advance Drafting
Auto 3D to 2D (Polylines)
Auto 3D to 2D (Precise)
Section/Detail/Auxiliary Views
File Referencing
Markup and Redline
Simplify Curve Tool
Part Tree
Gripper tool – for transforming objects
Customizable Tool Palettes
Customizable Grids
Video Tutorials 15 15 15 15 7
3D Connexion Mouse Support
Draw View Type - for easily scaled Prints
Drawing Wizard
Open Backup
Print by Layer tool
Print window
Print Large Plot Sizes
Repeat Previous Command (New)
Save for Review
Selection Tools - Lasso, Feature, Mesh Lasso only
Tool Icon Sizing
User Guide
Viewport Layouts
Architectural Tools
Make 3D
Walls, Multi-Walls
3D Modeling Tools
ACIS® Solid Modeling Kernel
Basic Solids
Basic Surfaces
Feature Based/History Tree
Mesh Booleans (New)
Move Face
Push/Pull Modeling
Shelling, Blending
Show/Hide Face (New)
Split Mesh (New)
Weight and Volume Tables
Advanced 3D Modeling
Add Loop Tool
Advanced Surface Tools
Bending Along Curve
Boolean Edge Treatments
Bridge Tool
Cover Surface with Guides
Cylinder SubD Primitive
Draft Surfaces
Feature Patterns
Fill Hole
G2 Continuous Edge Blending
Infinite Plane Objects
Inset Quad Mesh Modifier
Lofting with Guides
 Magnet Tool
Mesh Symmetry
MicroScribe Digitizer
Pocket Hole for Woodworking
PowerPack Design and 3D Printing Tools  (New)
Quad Mesh Tools
Repair Curves
Rib/Lip Feature
Skin Surface  with Guides
Subdivision Tool
Surface Booleans
Surface Extend
Surface Analysis
Surface Booleans
Surface Lofting
Surface Utilities – including Cut Section, Curved Surface and Explode Curve
Tangent Covers
Three Face Blends
Thumbweight Blending
Trim/Join Surface
Woodworking Joint Tools
Wrap - Imprint, Emboss, Engrave (New)
Rendering, Presentation and Visualization
Data Display
Environment Maps
HDRI Support
KeyShot Rendering Live Linking
Material, Decal Library
OpenGL Rendering
Photorender Spot Light (New)
Poster Size File Export
QuickTime Video Recorder
Rapid Render Tool for Woods
Ray Tracing, Shadows, Transparency
Sketch Rendering
Special Lighting Effects
Strip, Dome and Area lights
Object Time Lines/Paths
Panoramic & Object Virtual Reality
Walk Through, Flyby
Advanced MCAD Native Translators*
2D PDF Import  (New)
3D PDF Export 
3MF Import/Export
ACIS® R26 Kernel
Adobe Illustrator™ (Improved, Import support)
Batch File Converter
BMP Import
Collada (DAE) Import (New)
DXF/DWG R12-2020  (Improved, support of v2020)
OBJ Import/Export - with Texture support
Rhino™ 3D Import
SAB Export
SketchUp Import/Export  (Improved, support of v2020)
STL Import/Export
SVG Import/Export
Other Features
2D/3D Part Library: 26,000
Multiple ViewPorts (Draw Views)
OpenGL Materials/Textures
3D Printing
Auto Position
Overhang Analysis
Preview Slices
Printer Definitions
Sample STL files
Show Printer Volume
Support Structure
Surface Normals Check
Wall Thickness