3D Aircraft Software

3D Aircraft Design Software

AeroPack (from DARcorporation) is an invaluable add-on collection of unique drawing tools created specifically for aircraft design and drafting using SharkCAD Pro (formerly Shark FX) software. It is a complete design package that offers 3D modeling and 2D drafting.

DARcorporation and PunchCAD have partnered to create the SharkCAD Pro with AeroPack, which has helped countless aircraft designers turn ideas into accurate prototypes. SharkCAD Pro-AP can also read geometric details from DARcorporation’s Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) software.

Put some air under your airplane designs – installing the SharkCAD Pro-AP plug-in means you can take advantage of versatile modeling practices and precision drafting capabilities all within one seamless package.


About DARcorporation

DARcorporation is an aeronautical engineering firm based in Lawrence, Kansas, whose primary specialty is the design, analysis, and prototyping of airplanes. In operation since 1991, DARcorporation’s aeronautical engineering services have been utilized on over 500 projects by large aircraft manufacturers, military organizations and small businesses.

DARcorporation offers a unique proposition in the aerospace industry.They offer a full-range service, beginning with initial design and carrying through to full-size prototyping.

Past DARcorporation projects include: single and multi-engine propeller and jet powered aircraft, business jets, very light jets (VLJ), Kit, LSA, and Experimental aircraft, VTOL combat force insertion vehicles, VTOL aircraft, UAV’s for civil and military applications, and hybrid air/ground vehicles.

Which Version is Right for You?

Punch ViaCAD 2D

Entry level price, professional level performance

Punch ViaCAD 2D3D

Embrace the power of 3D walls and floor plans

Punch ViaCAD Pro

Everything you need plus advanced 3D modeling & rendering

Punch Shark

Precise 2D drafting with the power of Shark 3D modeling

Punch Shark Pro

Ultimate performance; Includes uncompromised set of 2D/3D design tools

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