Beginner & Advanced Tips and Tricks

This months beginner tips reviews the "push and pull" tool that allows you to take a 2D profile and instantly make it 3D. The advanced tip guides you through the use of .stl file to convert a 3D solid and then convert the 3D solid into a 2D vector. 

Beginner Tip


The Push and Pull tool is a powerful feature that may just become a key tool in your arsenal. Push/Pull allows you to take a 2D profile and instantly turn it into a 3D object. The tool also gives you the power of quickly creating holes and notches, by simply pushing a profile down through your existing part. In this video you will learn the basics of using the Push/Pull feature.

Advanced Tip


The .STL file type or a Stereolithography File is an often-used standard design format for stereolithography, a rapid prototyping technology used for producing 3D parts to be used as a master model for creating numerous prototypes. In this video you will not only see how to use the program to convert an .STL file to a 3D solid, but with the added power of the PowerPack Pro, we will show you how to convert that into a 2D vector.

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